All about wrenches

A large variety of wrenches is made for different uses such as turning cap screws, bolts, and nuts. The adjustable wrench commonly called a crescent wrench. The crescent wrench is a general-purpose tool and will not suit every job. Especially those requiring work in close quarters, crescent wrenches would never be the best choice. For the safety measures, the wrench should be rotated toward the movable jaw. It is also take under consideration that it should fit the nut or bolt tightly. Wrenches are the most running item for every hand tool supplier. The overall length of wrenches in inches determines the size of the wrenches. Open-end wrenches are best suited to square-headed bolts, and usually fit two sizes, one on each end. The ends of this type of wrench are angled so they can be used in close quarters. There is another type of wrench called as Box wrenches. Box wrenches are also double ended and offset to clear the user’s hand. The box entirely surrounds the nut or bolt and generally has 12 points so that the wrench can be reset after rotating only a partial turn. Box wrenches are mostly used on hex-headed bolts; these wrenches have the advantage of precise fit.